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NEWS Critical vaccine decision from the United Kingdom: Turkey is on the updated travel list

12 Oct 2021

The UK has announced that it will receive fully administered coronavirus vaccine passengers from 37 countries, including Turkey.

The UK Department of Transport has updated the travel list it has created as part of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

In the update, 8 countries, including Turkey, Pakistan, Maldives, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh and Kenya, were excluded from the red list, where mandatory hotel quarantine applies to British citizens coming to the UK and people with a residence permit in the UK.


From October 4, the existing traffic light system, which includes red, yellow and green countries, will be removed, and only a single "red list" will be in effect.

Also, fully vaccinated passengers from countries that are not on the red list will be able to undergo cheaper lateral flow tests instead of PCR tests.

As the British market is of utmost importance for Turkey’s tourism industry, this development has been very good news for establishments in the sector as well as the administration with much need of incoming revenues.

On the other hand, Turkey has been a very favorable country for British citizens to settle down as their second home after settlement.

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