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NEWS Cruise tourism contributes substantially to Bodrum economy

15 Aug 2017

Cruise tourism is certainly one of the most important and revenue generating branches in the world tourism sector. It cannot be said however that Turkey has so far made necessary investments in this branch to benefit in terms of generating incoming revenues to contribute to the country budget balance.

Nowadays, the tourism sector has been enjoying positive changes in this regard as giant passenger ships continue to come to Bodrum with thousands of passengers inside. For instance, one of these ships has visited Bodrum for the 7th consecutive time this season bringing about 16 thousand tourists to this town.

As a routine, following the customs procedures, many of these passengers get off the 265 meter long vessel to go on a sight-seeing tour in the town and then go swimming, whereas some passengers prefer to do shopping as they go around the market place and historical spots. It goes without saying such big crowds of tourists shopping in the market place make up a good enough reason to make the shop owners in the environment happy.

On the other hand some passengers prefer to discover this tourism paradise on a bicycle tour. Those who participate in the 15 km bicycle tour leave of the port with guides and take a tour in Paşatarlası and Bitez direction. Some of these ships sail in Italy direction after completing their program in Bodrum.

All in all such cruises contribute to the economy Bodrum and needless to say they also help the sector to upgrade its service quality, for the times ahead.

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