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NEWS Daily Telegraph says, Turkey will be number one option for Brits again, starting April 15

18 Mar 2021

A report in the Daily Telegraph published in the UK said, “Starting April 15, the British will again land on the shores of Turkey, as the PCR test will not be mandatory”.

The news said Britain's successful vaccination campaign had begun to bear fruit and the announcement made by Turkey's culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri E     RSOY that Turkey was looking forward to British tourists was very motivating for millions of Britons hoping to visit the countries in the region in 2021.

The news also said, "The announcement made by ERSOY that holidaymakers from the UK would not need a vaccination passport and PCR testing might not be mandatory from April 15 has raised hopes that Britons would again enjoy one of the world's best cuisines with some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and visit unique ancient cities".

Good news not only for Brits but also for Turks

The expectation that Turkey will come out of the closure process is good news not only for the British, but also for millions of Turks who make their living from tourism. The share of tourism in the country's economy is 12 percent. Before the pandemic, Turkey hosted more than 2.5 million British tourists in 2019. This number will undoubtedly increase after the withdrawal of the Covid19 wave.

On the other hand, it has also been reported that “Holiday Package Sales” in the UK have increased by 630 percent and Turkey is observed to be one of the 3 countries most preferred.

Regarding the issue, experts note that the Turkish government has launched a priority vaccination program for all sector employees, from waiters to bus drivers, from hotel staff to tour guides. Hotel owners are taking all precautions. For instant, restaurants serve with 50 percent capacity. Rooms, common areas are constantly disinfected and ventilated. The Staff are equipped with the highest standards of protective equipment. With all this, it is aimed to ensure that guests and staff feel comfortable without feeling the weight of the necessary protocols.

It is also good to know that almost all people over the age of 60 in Turkey are vaccinated, restaurants are opened, albeit with 50 percent capacity, and tourists are exempt from Sunday curfew. Those restrictions are expected to be phased out from April.

Regarding some opinions shared by sector professionals, it is noted that facilities will be ready to welcome tourists in a safe environment after the governments of the two countries agree on travel rules. In any case it seems that Turkey will be the first country to not ask British tourists for a vaccine certificate or a negative Covid19 test.

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