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NEWS Demand of Britons for Turkey holidays sky-rocket as government plans ease of epidemic restrictions

1 Mar 2021

As the whole world keeps fighting the epidemic, people all around the world seem to be badly longing for holidays in several destinations. Despite failure in total and solid control of the epidemic following the beginning of vaccination in many countries people are observed to be very eager to go on holidays soonest possible.

To verify this, it is reported that international holiday bookings have soared by 6 fold after the UK revealed plans to gradually ease coronavirus restrictions which has been a real hope for airlines and tour operators in the sector to survive financial crisis.

Based on reports Turkey is observed to be among the favorite destinations and in fact one of the most sought-after destinations for British holidaymakers to spend holidays.

Monday may see travel resumed from mid-May, with holiday bookings rising by more than 300% a week, EasyJet said, after the government indicated on Monday that travel could resume from mid-May.

In support of these observations, it was shared by Holiday Company TUI UK that bookings were up by 5 fold, while Holiday and budget airline group Jet2 said bookings were up by 600 percent.

On the other hand, it was noted by EasyJet that flight reservations from Britain had jumped over 300 percent and holiday bookings had surged by more than 600 percent week on week after the government indicated on Monday that travel could restart from mid-May.

Experts comment that this summer is of vital importance for many airlines and holiday companies struggling to survive for a period of over a year with virtually no revenue due to pandemic constraints. Without it, most would need extra funds after burning their cash reserves.

Bookings on Monday evening and Tuesday were flooded despite uncertainty over exactly how and when international routes could reopen.

Responding to the government's plans, EasyJet welcomed assurances that travel would reopen, while British Airways said it was pleased the government had recognized it and it was critical to find a way to restart travel.

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