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NEWS Development of Foreign Direct Investment in Turkey

18 Feb 2018

Turkey has started to go through significant positive developments in Foreign Direct Investment after the year 2000s. Many experts in the business world believe that the orientation of Foreign Direct Investment has rather developed towards the services sector, in our world today. In fact, when we look at the foreign investments realized in Turkey we rather see privatizations, corporate mergers and acquisitions of real estate which really supports the above observation.

In a report issued by The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Turkey ranked second after Israel among countries which attract FDI in West Asia, thanks to its enormous efforts to this end.

Within this scope, FDI funds coming into the country improved after public-private partnerships for major infrastructure projects had been established, administrative procedures had been made easier, rules regarding intellectual property protection had been upgraded and more structural reforms had been carried out on the way to  accession to EU

Turkey broke a record in 2007 when it received FDI worth USD 22 billion, after which there was a significant performance drop in regards and in 2015 this figure was recorded as USD 17.5 billion with a further decrease in 2016 to USD.

When we look at the picture today, European Union countries, the Gulf States and the United States are among the leading investors in Turkey.

It is observed that foreign investors prefer to establish the following types of companies: Public Limited Company (Anonim Sirketi) or Limited Company. It is also recorded that out of the 3,702 foreign companies which established in Turkey 2,991 are subsidiaries and 651 acquisitions.

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