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NEWS Downing Street heralds arrival of personal protective equipment from Turkey, in UK

23 Apr 2020

It was reported that PPE (personal protective equipment) from Turkey had arrived in UK and it was being inspected for further delivery to hospitals.

Based on same reports it is believed that An RAF plane that landed at RAF Brize Norton on Wednesday morning has delivered about half of the promised kits and other RAF aircraft is said to be on standby to collect the rest. The RAF plane with the delivered material is known to have a capacity of 40 tons corresponding to half of the total delivery in question.

There was news on media earlier that the delivery had been delayed. Officials in charge reported that the delivery had been expected to arrive on Sunday and supposed to include 400,000 surgical gowns. Based on information provided however, it was unclear what supplies the flight had contained exactly and no clear reason was given for the delay.

A high ranking British official had said earlier, the flight had been delayed due to problems in Turkey. Turkey's Ambassador to Britain however said his government had only learned of the deal with a private company on Sunday and was doing everything it could to help.

On the other hand the following question was also forwarded by many: “Are NHS staff getting enough protective clothing?” Regarding this issue a spokesman for the prime minister said the shipment was "being processed" in accordance with standard procedure and would be moved "to the frontline as quickly as possible."

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