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NEWS Eid holiday gives impetus to Turkey’s ailing domestic tourism industry

3 Aug 2021

The long Eid holiday has provided a much-needed boost to the ailing tourism industry, with millions flocking to the resorts.

High mobility during the Eid holiday was encouraging, tourist activity gathered in almost all parts of the country. Earlier people were forced to stay at home, their mobility was restricted last year due to covid-19, but the holiday offered them an opportunity.”

Demand from both domestic and foreign holidaymakers for the resorts on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts was particularly strong, while Cappadocia in Nevsehir, the Central Anatolian province, attracted a significant number of tourists, as well.

Experts say “Domestic tourism activity was even stronger than 2019, which was the best year ever. We have welcomed tourists from more than 50 countries, including Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovakia."

They also say if Britain allowed travel to Turkey, it would stimulate tourism, especially in the Aegean region. It is quite likely that strong domestic tourism activity will continue until schools open, depending on the course of the pandemic and its vaccines.

Authorities say local venues strictly follow the rules set out in the “Safe Tourism Certification” program. Recently, the “Minister of Culture and Tourism” said the vaccination rate among hotel staff was at least 93 percent. The Ministry also shared following; “We don't want to go back to where we were last year. The tourism sector directly affects more than 60 sectors. Keeping tourism facilities open means creating more jobs, more shopping and a revival in economic activity.”

A recent survey by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, has shown a 10 percent increase in the number of foreign tourists, eatery, accommodation, tour services, transportation, and clothing sectors adds 0.7 percentage points to economic growth.

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