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NEWS Electric scooters contribute to solving the traffic problem of Istanbul

27 Jul 2020

In Istanbul, electric scooters have been appearing on streets, pavements or coastal roads in recent days. It goes without saying that the number of people travelling on electric scooters has increased considerably. However, some drivers who disobey traffic rules are almost inviting accidents.

On electric scooters, drivers under the age of 18, those without equipment and two people riding on a vehicle pose a danger to traffic. Also, electric scooters often move between cars, as they don’t have a certain path. Experts say a regulation should be made regarding electric scooters.

Experts say, "Contribution of said scooters is quite pleasing. Likewise, its contribution to the environment is beautiful. Based on our surveys, we see great interest of citizens in these electric vehicles. But in order to make it sustainable, we need to take safety precautions and avoid irreparable accidents. In that respect, we need to make some changes to our legislation. We need to add new vehicle types, new technologies. Security measures should also be taken. In return, strict training and supervision should be given. Unluckily, we can see strong chances to come across in accidents like this. The worst part is, 99 percent of traffic accidents in our country are caused by human error. We need to see these regulations in the law. We need to see measures of this on the road as well".

Experts say electric scooters impose risks when they are on the road without concerned arrangements. It is necessary to make the necessary arrangements to minimize risks. Bicycles and electric scooters are a very nice means of transport. In fact experts can see that polls indicate citizen preference in this direction. It is said therefore, this arrangement must be made in the Turkish Grand National Assembly immediately. It has to be done before schools open. The reason is it can be quite helpful and thus contribute to the density in traffic, substantially.

Professionals running electric scooter companies operating in several cities besides Istanbul, have made some statements about the system. They say the purpose is to be useful in some blocked points of Transportation. They also say it is an opportunity to create jobs and achieve improvement in service sector.


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