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NEWS Europe's best cities announced: Turkey’s Istanbul included in the list

11 Apr 2024

European countries have been evaluated for both tourists and locals, and the best cities have been ranked in terms of prosperity, livability, and likability.

Resonance Consultancy evaluated the continent's top destinations, taking into account factors such as TripAdvisor reviews, education and job opportunities, and dozens of other measurements.

The report examined over 180 cities with populations exceeding 500,000 to identify the best 100 places to live, visit, and invest in Europe.

London once again topped the list, and Istanbul also made it into the top 10.

The following statements were used for Istanbul in the evaluation:


This ancient city, at the crossroads of East and West at the edge of Europe, is known for its rich history and culture.

Historical sites in major Turkish cities continue to be renovated, with expectations of attracting more tourists upon completion.

Especially as of today, the high exchange rate advantage in foreign currency is advantageous for tourists.

Some of the top 10 cities in Europe with various features highlighted


London surpassed its European neighbours for the second consecutive time in the rankings, thanks to the opportunities it offers to tourists and students.

The analysis states, "The city is the top choice for students, foreign investors, and tourists alike; all are eager to settle in a place that ranks at the top of all three of our general indexes: Livability, Likeability, and Prosperity”


Paris is expected to shine in Europe this summer due to hosting the Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games in France.

Resonance says, "Preparing for the Summer Olympics with five years and billions of dollars in investment, Paris has turned pedestrian traffic, cycling, and outdoor living into a system not found anywhere else on the planet."


Resonance describes Rome as an "urban treasure" and highlights its "undervalued parks and greenways" and "thousands of portals in time."

The list also includes the cities of Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague, and Madrid.

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