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NEWS Famous Hollywood star shares photos from her Istanbul trip on her social media account

17 Aug 2020

Amber Heard, who was on the agenda  a short while ago due to her problematic divorce with ex-husband Johnny Depp, came to Turkey after a series of hearings in London. The actress first went to Bodrum and then came to Istanbul to visit places.

34 years old Heard also shared photos of her Istanbul trip from both the "stories" section of her social media page and her home page.

The beautiful actress who toured Istanbul's famous mosques said in her share that she "had spent her day wandering in pursuit of the magic of Istanbul mosques." She went on to say "I couldn't be more in love with this wonderful city.”

Said messages shared by Heard received many likes from her followers in Turkey mainly.

Amber Heard first came to Bodrum after London, where she was facing trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Then she moved to Istanbul.

Depp had sued the British newspaper The Sun, accusing him of "committing violence against his wife." The hearings in that case also brought the former couple against each other. Heard and Depp accused each other of domestic violence in the courtroom.

Heard spent some time in London for a while tao escape the tense mood of the hearings and then flew to Bodrum.

It is quite often that one hears prominent stars spend time in Bodrum which has been a very popular holiday resort in the whole world. The place offers a complete package of sun & sea facilities as well as the opportunity of visiting many historical spots nearby. The resort is normally packed during in the summer with many foreign visitors as well.

Istanbul on the other hand is one of the magical cities in the world, it goes without saying. It has an incredible treasure of history for visitors as the city has hosted 3 powerful empires throughout history.

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