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NEWS Fitch Ratings expects to see an accelerated decline in Turkey’s inflation in coming months

7 Jul 2019

Fitch Ratings, one of the most reputable rating companies in the world gas stated that an accelerated decline in Turkey’s inflation could be observed in coming months. The statement made by Fitch Ratings Managing Director Edward Parker was as follows: "We expect the decline in inflation in Turkey to be accelerated in the coming months, with base effects. The improvement Turkey has seen in current account deficit since last summer deserves to get attention”.

International credit rating agency Fitch Ratings Managing Director Edward Parker, Fitch said they expect the acceleration of the decline in inflation in Turkey.

Mr. PARKER shared this statement at a meeting arranged by Fitch Ratings in London, on emerging markets. The presentation was made to global investors.

Parker pointed out that the current account deficit had fallen in Turkey and said "The improvement Turkey has experienced in current account deficit is very interesting. However, we need to see more progress to announce a positive outlook. On the other hand, the ratio of the public debt to gross domestic product (GDP) in Turkey will remain low”.

It goes without saying among many major issues, both economic and political this news has been a motivation for the administration as well as the markets.  Turkey as confirmed by global economists and business circles has an enormous potential good enough to take its place among top ten economies in the world. All it needs is a better performance in terms of administration.


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