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NEWS German TV channel recommends citizens to go to Turkey on their holidays

2 May 2020

A German television channel has suggested citizens go to Turkey for their summer vacation. Die Welt referred to Turkey as an important holiday center for Germans and said it was believed that this country would be favored this season, to parallel the falling number of corona cases.

It is no secret that the coronavirus outbreak has put Europe under its influence. Consequently, as the summer season approaches, tourism which is one of the most important sources of income in Europe has also been eclipsed across the continent.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said a few days ago that he was extending the travel warning for foreign countries until June 15.

Following statements by Maas who noted that he hoped there would be no travel warning after that date, Germany's Die Welt examined major holiday routes in Europe in a program.

Die Welt noted that holiday destinations such as Italy, Spain and France, especially popular with foreign tourists, were a big risk adding that only domestic tourism could be done in these countries this season. Welt also drew attention that France could restart its tourism activities at the end of the year earliest and Italy on the other hand did not even have this much of a chance for the current year.

However, Die Welt highlighted Turkey among countries with positive aspects regarding travel conditions for this season and emphasized that Turkey would most likely be preferred this season as well owing to the sharp decrease in the number of cases seen in this country.

Stressing that Turkey had taken positive steps in combating coronavirus, Welt also suggested that there would be “clean travel certificates” and controllable centers in the holiday regions.

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