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NEWS Giant social media company LinkedIn is preparing to invest in Turkey

4 Sep 2018

LinkedIn, which is a social networking site to bring together the business community globally, has certainly made major progress in the last years in particular. The platform is designed to allow registered members to establish networks of people they get to know and trust so as to cooperate and work together when and if need be. In principle, the platform provides basic membership for free enabling network members to establish connections.

The American company which has 500 million active users globally would like to open an office in Turkey potentially with enormous business and has already begun job interviews in this regard.

It is reported that LinkedIn made a video conference with executive candidates in Turkey two weeks ago and the management plans to make nearly 50 jobs available at the office it has decided to open in Istanbul.

The company also shared with the candidates the information that LinkedIn was going to take this step not to miss the great market potential opportunity in Turkey. In interviews the candidates were told that LinkedIn enjoyed a fast growth in the Turkish market and they aimed to increase the share of SMEs in this growth and the management was discussing the best time to open such an office in this country.

LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion in 2016, after which increased its market share growing by 26 percent in the Turkish market last year, reaching 6 million users.

It is reported that LinkedIn plans to run operations in 30 countries from Istanbul. Currently, the company which is headquartered in Dublin has offices in 18 other countries and 500 million members in 200 different countries.

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