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NEWS Giant tourism project in Turkey: Ephesus antique to meet with the sea after 2500 years

24 Oct 2017

The Turkish government is about to start a new giant project to be built in the Aegean region of Turkey. The ministry officials claim that the ancient city of Ephesus, which is also on the list of UNESCO world heritage, will be much more famous with this project. The 6.1-kilometer-long canal project includes a 600-meter canal entrance and marina. The first phase is targeted to be completed within one year.

With this investment called “the Ephesus Antique Canal project”, the historical city of Ephesus which is 9 km from the sea will be connected to the sea again, after 2500 years.

Turkey’s Forest and Water Affairs Minister has emphasized that the project will be carried out with great care not to damage the historical texture.

In the first phase of the two stage project a 600 meters long and 30 meters wide entrance channel will be built to enable the entrance of the yachts along PAMUCAK shore. The length of the yacht harbor to provide short term parking facility for the boats will be 250 meters and the width will be 100 meters.


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