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NEWS Great Honor from the United Nations for Türk Telekom's “Telephone Library”

19 Sep 2017

The Telephone Library was accepted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the Business Call to Action (BCTA) program, which was created to support the Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, TURK TELEKOM has increased the number of projects in the program to two with the "Life is easy with Internet" project, which was approved in 2013 for the BCTA program.

With the addition of 550 new audio books to the Phone Library, the number of books in the library has exceeded one thousand pieces. The first phone library in Turkey, which has put its mobile application into service in recent months, has been downloaded for about 16 thousand times in such a short time.

Telephone Library, which is a “corporate social responsibility project” of Türk Telekom, the leading information and communication technology company of Turkey, has added a new one to its success stories, on international level. Most recently, the project was accepted for the “Business Call to Action” (BCTA) program brought into being by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to support Sustainable Development Goals.

The Telephone Library which supports the sustainable development goals with the contribution it provides to remove inequalities and enable equal opportunities in access to information was deemed worthy of being a BCTA member for supporting the participation of low-income and disadvantaged groups in social life. Türk Telekom, which was accepted for the same program with its “Life is easy with internet” project in 2013, has thus earned the title of being one of the rare companies in Turkey which have achieved this success.

Türk Telekom brought into use its Telephone Library service offered on landline telephones, also on mobile phones to enable more visually handicapped persons to use this service.

The application offered at the beginning of the year has already been downloaded for 16 thousand times. Another innovation offered in the context of the project was the “Dubbing Books” application, which allows volunteers to voice books with their mobile devices. This practice has been used by more than 12 thousand people to date.

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