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NEWS In UK, holiday searches for Turkey increase by 115 percent

30 Sep 2020

Due to the travel restrictions imposed by British Transport Department on many countries searches in UK for Turkish holidays searches have increased by 115 percent.

Reports show that Britain's travel restrictions on Spain, Portugal, Croatia and many Greek islands have increased interest in Turkey. After said restrictions were announced by the authority, a handful of countries remained, one of which is Turkey.

According to news in media, Spain, France, Portugal and Croatia were removed from the 'safe country' list at the end of July, leaving only a limited number of countries where British people would not have to go into quarantine for 14 days on their return trip. One of these countries is Turkey.

The referred report shared data provided by Skyscanner. The report noted that Istanbul, Dalaman and Antalya were among the most searched destinations in the UK in September.

The report also said Turkey-oriented searches increased by 115 percent in last two weeks of August and first two weeks of September.

The data released by Travel Supermarket says similar things for Turkey. Accordingly, 30 percent of the total package holiday calls made between 8-15 September, were related to Turkey. Last year, the rate was just 7 percent.

The results shared in the report were not very surprising actually as reports issued by concerned parties in Turkey also show British tourists prefer Turkey as their beloved holiday destination. Certainly the conditions shaped in pandemic period have substantially contributed to this situation.


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