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NEWS Istanbul Airport receives “Airport of The Year” award given by prominent magazine

16 Nov 2019

Istanbul Airport was chosen as the “Airport of The Year” in “Reader’s Choice 2019” survey conducted by the prestigious International Airport Review magazine.

According to the statement made by IGA (short for Istanbul Grand Airport, the company in charge of the operation) Istanbul Airport outperformed its strong competitors and won the first place based on the votes of the readers of referred magazine in said competition.

Having left the first year of its inauguration behind, Istanbul Airport received the appreciation of the international authorities for being selecting as the "Airport of the Year" in such a prestigious contest organized by one of the leading publication in the UK-based aviation industry.

The airport also proved to be the flag carrier of the Turkish aviation industry by leaving behind international airports such as Heathrow, Changi, Copenhagen Vancouver, Sydney and Hong Kong in the competition.

Experts draw attention to the unparalleled architectural design, infrastructure, superior technology used and the top class travel experience it offers which seems to make it an important candidate on the way to becoming a global hub in the aviation industry.

The bimonthly UK-based International Airport Review Magazine is a leading source of information for the aviation industry covering passenger experience, weather operations, terminal operations, security, information technology, ATC / ATM, airport development, construction and design.


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