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NEWS Istanbul launches "Turkey Trust and Peace Campaign 2023" for public safety in the metropolis

26 Mar 2023

Istanbul is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with so much to discover and experience. That is exactly why it is hosting more and more visitors each and every year from all over the world. However, public security is also one of the most important concerns in a big city like Istanbul. To address this concern, a framework was prepared for the launch of a "Turkey Trust and Peace Campaign 2023" campaign in the city.

The operation was put into practice under the coordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and inspections were carried out throughout the city at designated points in Fatih, Kadıköy and Beyoğlu districts, mainly. It was reported that the applications aimed at combating crime in strategically important areas and crowded / tourist places, adding they were continuing throughout the city to ensure general security and public safety, which is considered a must for visitors and locals.

On the other hand, it was also reported that a “General Information Collection” (GBT) campaign was conducted as well to identify suspects who disturbed public order. During the operation, work was carried out by a crowded group of teams affiliated with the Public Security Branch Directorate, district police departments, special operations forces, anti-terrorism and anti-narcotics branch directorates, as well as traffic police and aviation and port branch directorates.

While anti-narcotics personnel with dogs randomly searched vehicles at roadblocks, police helicopters provided aerial support to traffic management. On top of this, boats from the maritime police unit also assisted in the operation, during which suspects carrying weapons, knives and drugs were detained as part of the investigation.

It goes without saying the whole effort was put in to ensure a safe Istanbul where foreign visitors and inhabitants could enjoy all those offered by the metropolis in peace and comfort.

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