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NEWS Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) starts free internet on subway services

19 Oct 2021

“Free WIFI service” is being activated on rail systems in Istanbul by IBB. The decision was unanimously adopted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly at its October session.

The service that will be offered on the Marmaray (operated by Ministry of Transport) and Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metro starting today will be opened on other lines soon. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams tested the free internet service at Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metro Station yesterday.

Wifi service provided by IBB was activated today. The Ministry of Transport has also launched a free Wifi service in Marmaray. In a statement, IBB said, “Mobile Internet provider telephone operators will also start providing services on IBB subways after the approval process is completed. All passengers will be able to receive mobile internet service with their smartphones as well as make voice calls. Passengers who wish will also benefit from IBB's free WIFI service.”

There is no doubt the Municipality of Istanbul has been displaying great performance since the day EKREM IMAMOGLU took office in 2019.  The team under his management has accomplished many projects (and tasks) despite tough times all along the pandemic. It should be noted at this point that Istanbul is a giant city with approximately 20 million inhabitants.

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