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NEWS Istanbul New Airport Construction Update

30 Sep 2017

The terminal design of the airport will emphasize the unique cultural and architectural heritage of Istanbul and also provide top comfort with state-of-the-art technology for passengers. The facility will reflect a special emphasis on motifs drawn from authentic Turkish/Islam art. The airport will also offer passengers, a flexible system they can use and a spacious relaxing design.

Once it's completed it will be one of the biggest airports in the world. With 4th and final phase is completed in 2028 potentially will be the busiest airport in the world. 

At Istanbul New Airport, travelers will enjoy a “passenger-friendly” environment thanks to the easy access roads, easy to follow signs and comfortable walking distances to simplify passenger flow.

Istanbul New Airport will provide a retail space of over 100,000 square meters offering passengers more space and comfort for an enjoyable shopping. The facility will possess the world's largest Duty Free zone with more than 400 national and international marks on the 53,000 square foot area.

The Plaza will be located between the passenger transit unit and the terminal where passengers will be able to travel freely and include shops, eating and drinking places as well as transport facilities.

The parking area will be equipped with automated systems and offer space for 24 thousand vehicles to rank top of the list in whole Europe. Passengers will benefit from a a station in the terminal to connect integrally with subway and express trains.

In addition to all these top class facilities the airport administration has planned to build an Airport City in a region extending from the front of the terminals to the south end of the airport. The management plans to integrate office buildings, airport hotels, glass, medical centers, trade fairs and conference centers into the Airport City.

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