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NEWS Istanbul New airport will go into operation on 31st October 2018

15 Sep 2018

It is reported that Istanbul New airport will go into operation on 31st October 2018. The giant airport which was used by President Erdogan on 21st  June 2018 for the first time will be opened with a ceremony to be held on 29th  October.

The global sector has focused on the new airport project which will show the success story of Turkey to the whole world. In a very short period of 42 months construction of facilities such as two independent runways, 8 million square meters covered area, 1.4 million square meters terminal and other support buildings were successfully completed. There is no doubt that the good weather conditions contributed to this achievement as well.

Top officials have reported that Turkish Airlines will start its moving operation to the new airport at 02:00 in the morning and the operation is expected to last for 12 hours. Needless to say along with THY, other companies that provide services at Ataturk Airport currently, will be moving to the new airport as well. This corresponds to a transportation operation of 800 trucks as equipment will be taken from Ataturk Airport to the new one.

The transportation operation is expected to be one of the biggest ever in the world because we are talking about the biggest airport in the world and the transportation will be carried out on the highway through a busy traffic like Istanbul’s. 

In the 12 hour period and before that, 120 airplanes with no passengers will be transferred to the new airport. Other planes returning from abroad with or without passengers will land at the new airport.

The first flight of THY will be held at Istanbul New Airport at 14:00 on October 31st. Turkish Airlines is planning to make its first flight from the new airport to Ankara in the country and Azerbaijan and the TRNC, abroad. "

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