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NEWS Istanbul’s renowned Galata Tower opens to visitors with visual feasts and concerts

16 Oct 2020

Galata Tower was opened to visitors with a visual feast and two different concerts organized with the participation of Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri ERSOY.

Galata Tower, one of the icons of Istanbul was restored by the Ministry of culture and tourism and opened to visitors with a visual feast and two different concerts.

In addition to the Minister of Culture and Tourism Minister, Istanbul Governor and BEYOGLU Mayor also attended the program which was followed by a large number of guests. As part of the event, famous artist Zeynep BASTIK performed first, and then a visual feast of mapping and light show was presented.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri ERSOY delivered a speech sharing following information:

“On 6 October we are celebrating the liberation of Istanbul and we are also putting the Galata Tower back into service today with a new function that we are starting. The previous heavy restoration was completed in 1967. But then it was classified as a place with different function.

It was functional in terms of dining and entertainment mainly which is not satisfactory enough and very acceptable today. Therefore, taking into account that the building is the attraction point of Istanbul, we have restructured the permanent and temporary exhibition areas of the museum. From now on, Galata Tower will not be a center of attraction, only. It will be also used as a referral center to other cultural assets of Istanbul.

In the museum within the building, we planned and realized an area showing the valuable buildings and spots of Istanbul in detail. It also has a permanent exhibition area that shows the history of Istanbul covering a long time from the past until today.

Moreover we have a temporary exhibition area where the permanent days of Istanbul and Turkey will be presented and documented. For instance this week we have an exhibition about the liberation of Istanbul as today is 6 October. Then we will have and exhibition about 29 October to be followed by 10 November, passing away of Atatürk etc.”


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