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NEWS Istanbul to Host the 2027 European Games

28 Mar 2024

With completed projects and enhanced organizational capacity, Istanbul is ready to host the 2027 European Games. The event, expected to welcome approximately 6,000 athletes from 48 countries across about 30 sports, marks the city's primary goal for the upcoming period. Hosting the European Games will serve as a significant reference point for Istanbul's Olympic aspirations.

The Mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem İmamoğlu, announced that Istanbul would host the 2027 European Games, the continent's largest Olympic event held every four years.

"Today, we are experiencing the joy of a historic day for our sports, Istanbul, and our country," said Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, expressing excitement regarding Istanbul's hosting of the 2027 European Games. "We are here at the historic Saraçhane building, the home of 16 million people, to announce the great news of bringing the 2027 European Games to Istanbul. I believe that this significant achievement will be recorded in history as a success for our city and a joint victory for our sports community, country, and nation."

"Istanbul Municipality teams have meticulously worked to bring the 2027 European Games to our country," Mayor İmamoğlu continued. "We started our contacts with the European Olympic Committees in mid-2023, and in a short time, we received preliminary approvals for Istanbul to be the hosting city for the games in 2027. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all Olympic officials, particularly Spyros Capralos, President of the European Olympic Committees, for their warm interest and constructive approach."

"While continuing our discussions with the EOC, we also worked on convincing various authorities in our country," Mayor İmamoğlu added. "Reviving Turkey's capabilities to host major events took some time. Despite its grandeur and five previous bids for the Olympic Games, Istanbul had not yet hosted a multi-sport event of such magnitude. We have worked towards this significant development. The EOC Executive Board recently unanimously informed us that Istanbul is the official host city for the 2027 European Games. As we announce this wonderful result to you, the EOC Executive Board also shares the same announcement with the world."

"Due to the local elections to be held in our country this weekend, we have postponed the official signing ceremony to the coming weeks," Mayor İmamoğlu stated. "Undoubtedly, achieving such a large and serious organization requires significant coordination and solidarity. We are very pleased to have achieved this through intensive efforts. From the Universiade to Formula 1, from the Champions League Finals to the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup, we are a country capable of flawlessly organizing numerous sports events that require high attention and care.

Also, with all our experience and enthusiasm, we have set our sights on the 2036 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and, objectively speaking, we are ahead of all our competitors. I have no doubt that, together, we will make the 2027 European Games the best in history. Moreover, I believe that Istanbul will add significant value to this special event. The Istanbul European Games 2027 will be a great success story for everyone to contribute to."

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