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NEWS Kaputaş Beach: One of the most beautiful spots for swimming in Turkey

3 Feb 2018

Turkey has surely an abundance of beautiful and unique destinations and places to visit to include historical ruins, natural sites and beaches. Talking about beaches this country has an unparalleled range of alternatives for foreign guests visiting Turkey.

Among these beaches KAPUTAŞ has a special place as often mentioned by foreign visitors as well. The beach, which is located in the Kalkan district of Antalya, is referred to as one of the perfect beaches on the Mediterranean.

Kaputaş Beach is between Kaş and Kalkan at a distance of 7 km from Kalkan. The fact it is located in the Mediterranean region which is preferred by both local and foreign tourists among tourist has substantially contributed to its popularity. Visitors who had the opportunity of swimming here, have expressed distinct enjoyment and they have recommended others not to go back home, without seeing this beach on a visit to Kaş.

The fact that such a beautiful spot does not have a lift facility to take visitors down to the beach and guests must walk down the stairs (many) is a shame for the municipality which is supposed to be earning a lot of revenues from this place. On the other hand, it is recommended that you take your food (sandwich, beverages etc.) with you as you might not be able to obtain these at the spot of your liking.

As for the cave in the environment known as the Blue Cave, this place is said to have hosted seals in the past. Since it is inaccessible from the land, those interested to see this place have to go on boat tours which are among “things to do while you are in Kaş”.

Due to its popularity, the beach is known to be usually crowded and it is recommended that a visit in the morning is likely to be more comfortable.

The beach is defined as “Spectacular ... White Foamy Waves, A Blend of Water Green, Blue and Dark Blue Water”. Moreover they say “It is worth the boring and tiring curves on the way to the beach between Kalkan and Kas”.

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