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NEWS Major tour operator TUI ranks 21 Turkish hotels among “World's top 100“

16 Mar 2018

Turkish tourism has certainly come a long way today as compared to a couple of decades ago. In fact, a country short of accommodation facilities at that time is capable of offering the state-of-the-art facilities today. This has certainly not happened overnight and is a result of the serious planning, investment and efforts the sector has enjoyed during the past decades.

To verify above observation an encouraging development has occurred for the sector most recently. TUI, which is one of the most important tour operators globally, has announced the top 100 hotels in the world that have won the “TUI Holly awards” submitted each year. 21 hotels from Turkey have found a place in TUI Holly 2018 list which was determined based on guest surveys.

At the awards ceremony that took place  in Germany, 21 hotels from Turkey succeeded to enter the list covering top 100 hotels in the world and were granted prizes. 7 of the 21 hotels from Turkey were observed to belong to BARUT Hotels Group, based in Turkey.

According to the results, Barut Acanthus & Cennet, Barut Hemera, Barut Arum Resort & Spa, Barut Kemer, Barut Lara, TUI Sensatori Barut Fethiye Resort and TUI Sensimar Barut Andız deserved to receive TUI Holly 2018 awards.

Barut Group top executives who received their awards at the event expressed that they were very happy and proud to be among the best hotels of the world as a result of the poll conducted among the guests of TUI.  The CEO of the group also said “It is very important for Turkish tourism that 21 hotels from Turkey were included in the best 100 hotels of the world. On the other hand we are proud that 7 hotels run by our group have found place among top 100. I would like to thank all Barut Hotels employees who have contributed to our success in this regard”.

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