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NEWS Muslim travel market grows very fast as demand for “Halal Holidays” increases

11 Sep 2018

For a long while now, companies in the tourism industry have been aware of the fast growing demand for Islamic holidays from the Muslim populations, globally. When we consider forecast reports showing Muslims in search of “Halal Holidays” are expected to create a demand worth US$ 220 billion by 2020, it is easy to understand why the concept of Islamic Holiday is now established in the tourism sector and “Halal Holidays” have started to become a marketing priority for many establishments involved in the travel industry.

Islamic travel is a concept designed for those who want to go on trips, family holidays or tourist visits in accordance with religious rules and Islamic beliefs. Across the globe many establishments aware of this demand have opened Islamic facilities, also known as Halal or conservative hotels which offer outdoor and indoor swimming pools, spa and health centers for ladies only. Although such facilities have private beaches, swimming and/or sunbathing areas for ladies only, they also offer mixed family beaches for families to be used with appropriate attire.

In these hotels, customers can enjoy halal food with peace of mind. On the other hand, alcohol-free service is rendered in the whole or some parts of the facilities. There are mosques in the hotels and suitable conditions for the worship of the guests are provided. All the activities and services in the hotels are organized to comply with the moral values ​​of Islam

As the number of Muslim tourists who prefer to go on halal holidays around the world increases, the number of “Islamic hotel concept” facilities goes up, as well. On the other hand “halal holiday villas”, Islamic Thermal Hotels have also been added to the portfolio of accommodation alternatives for those in search of Islamic holidays, recently.

Turkey is known as one of the best alternative destinations for “halal holidays” because it is considered as the legacy of the great Ottoman Empire that ruled for 600 years at the center of Eastern and Western civilizations which turns out to be a good reason to make the country attractive for Muslim holiday makers.

Mr. Tolga Ertukel, director of Turkey Homes, one of the leading international real estate companies for Turkey, comments that although this is quite a new concept for Turkey, it is great to see that local tourism industry has swiftly adapted to this new trend created by Muslim travelers who feel “they are home away from home”, in this country. Mr. Ertukel also predicts this new trend is due to grow very rapidly to become one of the highest foreign revenue generating sectors for the country within a few years maximum. In fact he says this new sector is expected to create a global demand worth US$ 220 billion by 2020 and US$300 billion by 2026 as shared in GMTI 2018 report (Global Muslim Travel Index) prepared by Mastercard.

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