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NEWS Nature begins to revive in damaged areas after fires in Turkey’s Marmaris

25 Aug 2021

It is very promising to see that ecological life has begun to revive in areas damaged by fires, in Mugla.
Based on observations of experts “maki species have started to bush out from under the ground and bloom again. There are Redwood seeds that spread naturally around. They are waiting for the first rains.”

It was in seen in photographs shot by same experts that the burning areas in Marmaris started to become green again and the birds started to return to the area.

After the fires in Marmaris, nature begins to revive

The good news is "The greening of the burning areas also delights the animals living in this area”

Almost 3 weeks have passed over the fires, maki species, especially sandals, are again coming out from under the ground and blooming. There are Redwood seeds that spread naturally around. They're looking forward to the first rains. The General Directorate of Forestry will leave most places in their natural state and reforest them with minimal intervention if necessary.

Through the burned forest, there are sounds of tree poop. These sounds are important evidence that despite the fire, there are still insects under the thick shells of my Redwood. Kızılçam has protected insects under its thick shells, which it has developed against fire, and invites birds to the area."

In fires in the Mugla region of Turkey there was immense damage incurred by citizens as well as animals and the nature, certainly. The whole country to include concerned authorities had to fight the fires to have them under control, for many days.

Statement by government has said damage incurred by citizens will be compensated soonest possible. Despite this saddening experience tourists have not stopped coming to Turkey.

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