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NEWS Netflix announces plans to establish a film studio in Istanbul, Turkey

6 Jun 2021

Netflix, which recently opened its Turkey office, is on the agenda with a new development. The platform whose use has become even more widespread with the pandemic, has announced plans to establish a film studio in Turkey.

Netflix Turkey communications director: Movie studio is coming

Changing our TV viewing habits, Netflix has become popular all over the world, in a very short time. The platform, which plans to publish more content by 2021, is also taking various steps for Turkey. During this period which we have seen more Netflix Turkey content as compared to earlier, there has been another new development. Communications director has made a statement about Netflix's Turkey plans. According to the statement, the platform will open a film studio in Turkey.

Regarding the issue Minister of culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said concerned steps taken by the platform would contribute to Turkey's TV series and film sector. Reed Hastings, Founder and co-CEO of Netflix, said that Turkey was a very valuable country for them with its rich culture and long-established storytelling tradition, and evaluated the issue in terms of producing Turkish-made content.

The Supreme Council of radio and television (RTUK), on the other hand, is happy with the steps the platform is taking in Turkey. RTUK Vice President Ibrahim Uslu expressed his satisfaction and said “I invite our other international stakeholders, such as Amazon PrimeVideo, Mubi, Spotify, Deezer, who are about to get their license, to open offices in Turkey for stronger cooperation.

"These steps which shows Netflix's confidence in Turkey, I believe will make a great contribution to both the country's economy and the publishing world. It will also be an encouraging element of a great local and global competition for our country, which ranks second in the world in exports of series films. Our country, home to a culture and geography unique in the world, is a great resource for publishers with its rich and original stories. I would like to emphasize again the importance of productions that are compatible with the values of our country and take our sensitivities to the forefront.”


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