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NEWS Never ending love of Brits for Fethiye

22 Mar 2018

Fethiye is no doubt one of the most favorable holiday destinations in the world for British holiday-makers. It is a modern Mediterranean town situated on Turkey’s southern coast with a rich history all the way back to ancient Lycian times. It has so much to offer guests from abroad mainly, such as “its markets, picturesque streets, marina, traditional wooden sailing boats called gulets on which one can have wonderful cruises along the peninsula coast”. Needless to say the town also owes its charm to the restrictions on high-rise construction all over the place. Last but not least, one would meet so many friendly and nice people in the region all ready to help whenever need be.

It must surely be due to all above advantages that many Brits prefer to spend their holidays in the Muğla region and Fethiye in specific, while many enjoy the place so much that they eventually decide to buy a home here to settle. Mugla region which has hosted many foreign visitors in the last couple of decades thanks to its natural beauties as well as top-class accommodation facilities has eventually been a second home to many British tourists as well.

According to the information provided by official authorities the British rank the first among foreign nationals who visit Muğla the most, followed by the Russians and the Germans.

It is also shared in the same report that about 2.5 million British tourists come to Turkey annually. About 1.5 million of these tourists prefer to spend their time in Muğla. The region receives a substantial number of British tourists from the North London area and Manchester.

A substantial number of Brits coming to Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Datça and Dalaman to spend their holidays, visit the same places again in the following years and end up buying homes and settling in the region.

It is interesting to know that the history of Brits in the area goes back to over 20 years ago when 5 thousand Englishmen were brought to the region by tour operators - meaning a togetherness of over two decades is in question here during which time the region has almost adopted many aspects of the British culture due to many expats who settled in Fethiye. The Brits living in Fethiye enjoy the feeling of being at home even more strongly as they have a British community to socialize with on top of the friendships made in this country which they happen to consider a second home.

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