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NEWS Number of tourists visiting Antalya during epidemic has surpassed 2 million

19 Sep 2020

Officials have shared statements explaining the details of the measures taken in the pandemic process, the latest situation in health institutions, the preparations carried out in educational institutions and the state of the sectors in the leading position of Antalya’s economy and the latest measures taken to stop the epidemic. Down below are important information and opinions shared by same officials.

Tourism sector started to move with Eid al-Adha. On 22 June, 15-20 percent of hotels were open. As of August, thankfully, things have turned around and now 80 percent of hotels in the region are observed to be open. This is very important as all roads in Antalya lead to tourism, obviously. Many sectors have a one-to-one relationship with tourism. Not only Antalya, but also Turkey needed to make up for what was lost at the beginning of the epidemic. According to the latest figures, Antalya hosted 2 million 30 thousand 711 thousand foreign tourists during the epidemic.

Hotels in the region mostly offer world-class safe service. So far, guests coming to the city to holiday return to their country happily and peacefully. Hotels normally fill up to a maximum capacity of 65 percent. The reason is if they were one hundred percent full, they would not have a chance to apply safety standards. Antalya managed to contribute to the Turkish economy, albeit at the last bend.

As it looks currently, this performance will go well until the end of September. Certainly, there is no need to compare these figures with past years and make unnecessary comments. The reason is there is an extraordinary situation ahead.

Looking at the whole thing from another point of view it has certainly not been easy to adapt to the situation during the pandemic, both as executives and employees. Luckily though, Antalya tourism sector has done its best for a safe tourism program to enable a safe tourism experience even during the pandemic. This has consequently led to customer satisfaction and a word-of-mouth marketing effect when those satisfied visitors returned to their countries.

To recap, Antalya has been doing its job as the leading tourism destination of Turkey in quite a successful manner. Just to remind, we should not forget Turkey’s Safe Tourism Certification Program has helped the province keep its tourism sector alive throughout the whole coronavirus pandemic.

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