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It is reported that Turkey and Pakistan are considering a plan to make it easier for citizens of both countries to obtain dual citizenship, a significant boost in their relations.

In 2019, a record in the history of the Republic of Turkey was set in gold production. Turkey's gold production, which was 27.1 tons in 2018, rose 40 per cent to 38 tons in 2019.

The Ministry of culture and Tourism had declared 2018 “YEAR OF TROY” in order to draw attention to the cultural and historical values of Turkey in tourism and highlight the city of Troy.

It is reported that Turkey, which is among the world's leading countries in health tourism, receives US$ 1.5 billion in revenue from this sector.

2019 was certainly a very important year for Turkey as Istanbul Airport went into operation in said year. It certainly contributed heavily to Turkey’s tourism.

Based on most recent statistics, Turkish citizenship was issued for 6,694 foreign nationals from 101 countries who acquired real estate in this country from 2017 to date.

Istanbul the rising destination for cruise ships in 2020. The city which hosted 13 cruisers with 7513 passengers in 2018 expects to receive 64 ships in 2020.

Antalya which is the main tourism center of Turkey is also reported to have taken the third place among the top luxury yacht production bases with a revenue of US$ 1 billion 90 million.

The record in the history of the Republic was broken in gold production, in 2019. Gold Miners Association (AMD) President Hasan YUCEL announced that gold production in Turkey had gone up in 2018.

In the first 11-month period of 2019, home sales to foreigners in Turkey reached its highest level to 40,616 with a 32 percent increase, in history with Istanbul heading the charts.

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