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The Turkish Red Crescent celebrates its 153rd anniversary of establishment

The Red Crescent which is among the world's reputable humanitarian organizations and the most powerful one in the region is celebrating its 153rd anniversary.

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Netflix announces plans to establish a film studio in Istanbul, Turkey

Netflix, which recently opened its Turkey office, is on the agenda with a new development. The platform has announced plans to establish a film studio in Turkey.

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Turkey starts increasing tourist arrivals in April again, thanks to measures taken by government

It was recently reported that Turkey had seen a significant annual improvement in foreign tourist arrivals in April 2021.

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TUIK announces increase in home sales to foreigners in Turkey exceeds 400 percent

According to the data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) 95 thousand 863 houses were sold throughout Turkey in April 2021 with an increase of 416 percent in home sales to foreigners.

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Turkey will not require PCR tests from tourists coming from 15 countries

It is reported that PCR testing, previously mandatory for passengers from abroad, will not be required from passengers from 15 countries, including the UK, Ukraine and China, as of May 15.

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THY announces decision to open flights from UK and Denmark to Turkey

Bilal Ekşi, General Manager of Turkish Airlines has announced that flights from the UK and Denmark will be opened to Turkey.

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British media says Istanbul Airport likely to take over the crown from Heathrow Airport

An article by a British media outlet has said that Heathrow could lose the European crown to Istanbul airport.

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Izmir, Muğla and Antalya rank first in the world in increase of home prices

House prices are on the rise around the world. Turkey is also reported to be among countries experiencing said increase.

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Director Guy Ritchie says Turkey is an inspiring country with good food, people and hotels

Veteran director Guy Ritchie who has been in Antalya for 2 months to shoot his new film 'Five Eyes', praised Turkey in a video shared on his social media account.

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Daily Telegraph says, Turkey will be number one option for Brits again, starting April 15

A report in the Daily Telegraph published in the UK said, “Starting April 15, the British will again land on the shores of Turkey, as the PCR test will not be mandatory”.

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