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NEWS Turkish TV series are watched by 750 million people in 170 countries

16 Mar 2024

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism stated that Turkish TV series, produced in Turkey, were broadcasted in more than 170 countries worldwide, reaching approximately 750 million people, from America to Russia, from the Far East to Latin America.

The same person held talks within the scope of the 74th International Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) ongoing in the German capital, Berlin.

In his assessment, he pointed out that Turkish TV series was watched worldwide, stating, "Our TV series is now being broadcasted in more than 170 countries worldwide, from America to Russia, from the Far East to Latin America, reaching approximately 750 million people. The Turkish TV and film industry ranks among the top 5 export countries. Turkish TV series significantly impact introducing Turkey and Turkish culture in the regions where they are sold."

We will organize a 'TV Series and TV Content Fair' in Istanbul

He also emphasized the significant contribution of TV series to Turkey's recognition worldwide, saying, "Therefore, we are implementing important projects in collaboration with our TV sector, which has such a great impact. We support the opening of country stands at major TV and content fairs such as MIPCOM, MIPTV, ATF Singapore, Content America, and Dubai TV and Content Fair, and we present our TV series to the whole world." He shared that they had started working with the idea of holding a fair on TV content in one of the leading countries in the field of TV content, Turkey, "Hopefully, we will organize a TV Series and TV Content Fair in Istanbul in 2025. We believe that this organization will be one of the most important events in its field."

The target is to increase the number of cinema viewers

He reminded us that cinema theatres had to close their doors for a long time during the pandemic, and there was a significant decrease in the number of viewers in Turkey and worldwide. "During this period, we provided support of 32 million TL to cinema theatres to continue their activities. In addition to this, we reduced the 'Entertainment Tax' rate from 10% to 0% in cooperation with our Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Thus, we provided support of 278 million TL to the sector in 2023." Mumcu said.

'We will host many productions in Turkey'

The Deputy Minister also mentioned the efforts regarding the shooting of foreign film productions in Turkey within the scope of Berlinale, emphasizing that Turkey had a natural plateau feature with its rich history and natural beauties.

He went on to say, "With up to 300 sunny days, various shooting locations, competitive price advantage, advanced technical infrastructure, experienced and qualified workforce, and incentive system, Turkey offers very important advantages to film producers. In addition to these advantages, we have implemented the 'Foreign Film Production Support,' where foreign film producers can receive up to 30% refund of the amount they spend in Turkey, in order to increase the competitiveness of our country." Mumcu highlighted that many important productions featuring world stars such as Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, Hugh Grant, Josh Hartnett, Henry Cavill, and Salman Khan had been shot in Turkey, "Many Hollywood productions want to shoot their films in our country. Hopefully, we will host many productions in Turkey in the coming period." he said.

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