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NEWS Praise from the UN to Turkey for efforts after the earthquake: “Great job in such a short time".

31 Mar 2023

Turkey continues to heal earthquake wounds in ADIYAMAN, one of the provinces most affected by the Kahramanmaraş-based disaster of the century. However, many officials from home and abroad keep coming to the region and conducting investigations. One of them is the “Disaster Assessment and Coordination” (UNDAC) team. The UN team of 8 people made examinations in the container city established in the ADIYAMAN ALTINSEHIR region.

ADIYAMAN, which has been hit by the disaster of the century, is trying to heal wounds. The construction of the 1,825 container area is continuing in the Altınşehir neighbourhood of the city. 300 containers were already placed, and life began in said containers.

Many officials from home and abroad came to the city and made investigations. To strengthen the ongoing cooperation in this context, the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team also visited the container city and met with the authorities and earthquake victims.


Founded in 1993, UNDAC is part of the international emergency response system for sudden emergencies. It was designed to assist the United Nations and the governments of disaster-affected countries in the first phase of a sudden emergency. UNDAC also assists in coordinating incoming international assistance at the national level and/or at the scene of an emergency.

The UNDAC team in the earthquake emergency zone is working with government officials for the communities affected by the earthquake. ADIYAMAN UNDAC team comprises 8 professionals from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Pakistan and Turkey.


The team, led by Peruvian citizen Jessica Jordan Davila, also had a short meeting with Transportation Minister KARAISMAILOGLU working in the region since the first day of the earthquake.

Davila, the team leader of the UN team, said, "It is really very impressive that a great job has been put forward in a short time, like 6 days only."

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