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NEWS President Erdogan announces early elections for Turkey

23 Apr 2018

It was announced by President Erdogan that Turkey would hold early elections on 24 June 2018, a year earlier than scheduled. Speaking at a press conference the President told the press and millions on TV that they had agreed to approach the offer made by Devlet BAHCELI (the leader of MHP, the alliance partner of AK Parti) to have early elections.

Erdogan explained that the reason they accepted this alternative was to accelerate the transition to the newly accepted “presidential system” and get on with their work to give a new boost to the economy via new economic reforms, incentives and foreign direct investments as well.

Under the rule of AK Parti Turkey has managed to accomplish many economic reforms increasing its exports by 5 fold which is expected to reach USD 170 billion by the end of 2018. On the other hand investments increased by 82 percent in monetary terms, in 2017. Turkey has become a global center for economy in its region and the fastest growing country in G20.

Despite many local and global challenges the country has had to face in the last decade, it has managed to stick to its targets on the way to achieving its goals in compliance to its 2023 vision.

Political stability owing to the single party administration for the last 15 years has contributed to the economic development of the country and the ruling party under the leadership of President Erdogan has won all elections held so far.

As for the upcoming early elections, experts in political arena comment AK Parti has highest prospects of being the winner, once again. The bottom line is Turkey needs to make a brand new, fresh start with whatever administration it should continue with and the sooner the better. Therefore we believe early elections will contribute to the welfare of the country.




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