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NEWS President Erdogan opens Istanbul “Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Mosque” at Levent, in Istanbul

12 May 2023

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Friday prayer at the Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Mosque, the construction of which was completed at Levent in Istanbul. Then he made the opening of the mosque.

Levent Mosque, or Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Mosque, is a new mosque in the Levent neighbourhood in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul.

President Erdogan said that the Levents (heroic sailors in the Ottoman era) of Captain Derya Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha went down to the Bosphorus from this district, explaining that the name of the district was Levent for this reason, and that they had given this name to the mosque because it would suit the name of Captain Derya Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha (famous Turkish admiral at the time).

Stating that the mosque had reached these stages with the help of philanthropists, Erdogan said, "I believe that nothing will be missing in the face of these efforts of our philanthropists. From now on, we will continue our way in the same way. Of course, you know, on Sunday we will make a serious decision together. I pray to my Lord that the decision to be made on Friday will also turn out to be good for our Ummah (Muslims), for our nation, for our country.”

It is reported that Süleymaniye Mosque inspired the mosque's foundation, considered one of the most important examples of classical Ottoman architecture by master architect Mimar Sinan. This architect built many amazing structures, shaping Ottoman lands, such as some master buildings in Istanbul and Edirne.

The mosque was built on a plot measuring 18,500 square meters. According to projections, it will be the largest mosque in the area between Sarıyer's Büyükdere and the monumental Yıldız Mosque, constructed during the reign of Sultan Abülhamid II.

Visitors will be able to use several amenities such a car park, a book cafe, a kindergarten, a digital visual arts hall and multi-purpose halls. The mosque combines classic Ottoman architectural elements with modern techniques and nanotechnology; the mosque boasts a magnificent dome crafted from solid copper sheets.

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