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NEWS President Erdogan says Turkey is starting a new era of reform in economy and law

26 Nov 2020

Turkey’s President delivered a speech at an inauguration ceremony making important statements about the future of his country. He said, "We are starting a new era of reform in the economy and law in our country." He went on to share following; "Turkey's obligation to achieve its 2023 goals has become more necessary than ever. As a party that brings our country together with its 2023 vision, it is also our duty to implement these goals. Not only that but we will inherit a strong 2053 vision for the next generations.”

There is a Turkey on one hand that will give fear to our enemies thanks to its powerful army. On the other hand we are talking about a Turkey that will give peace to our nation within our borders and give confidence to our friends, outside our borders.

Then again there is a turkey that continues to build a strong infrastructure with its natural gas, which it has found in the Black Sea, its city hospitals, roads, bridges, schools, energy projects, industry and exports. Moreover, there is a turkey that whose words are taken into consideration in its region and in the world with its honorable position in foreign policy and increasing reputation and influence.

The President went on to share following as well; "We are launching mobilization focused on stability, growth and employment". President Erdogan said they would start to implement an approach considering the process the world and the country is passing through in terms of economy.

The President noted following: “We are starting close cooperation and dialogue with all segments in our ministries and in our institutions in our country as we launch a new era of reform in economy and law. Being aware that a country whose economy is not strong cannot maintain its gains in other areas, we are launching a new stability, growth and employment-oriented mobilization. I reiterate that our goal is to develop and develop our country in line with our goals at a time when the world is going through a historical process of political and economic change.

By building our economic policies on 3 different points which are price stability, financial stability and macroeconomic stability, I hope we will achieve our goals."

In this context, our priority is undoubtedly to quickly increase inflation to single digits and then to levels in our medium-term program. Increasing employment, eliminating the concerns of our citizens about jobs and vaccines is also among our main priorities. With the announcement of our new period parameters, we have started to see positive movements in the markets. On this occasion, I once again call on domestic and international investors to trust our country and start new investments soon.”

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