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NEWS Prominent English pop singer Robbie Williams gave a concert in Bodrum

20 Aug 2023

Robbie Williams, who left the pop group called "Take That", one of the most popular bands of all time, and continued his solo career, took the stage at Lujo Hotel Bodrum.

In his speech on stage, the artist said, "I've been making music for 32 years, and tonight I'm going to show you what entertainment means” and he started the concert with the track "Let Me Entertain You".

Robbie Williams chatted with the audience between songs during the approximately 1 and a half hour concert. He said, "This is my first concert in Turkey”. He showed videos from the Take That band days when he started music at 16 and entertained the audience with his jokes.

Williams also performed "Strong", "Come Undone", "Don't Look Back in Anger", "Feel", "Kids", and "Rock DJ" at the concert and explained that he was in the happiest period of his life.

He said, "When I was young, I had two rules. It was never to get married and have children. Now I am happier than ever with my wife Ayda and my four children." Then he dedicated the song "Love My Life" to a couple and their son who were among the audience.

After the first break, the artist continued his concert with "No Regrets", "She's the One", dedicating his farewell song "Angels" to his wife Ayda, who is proud of her Turkish roots, and her father, whom she lost on Dec. 17, 9 years ago. He said, "I realized that my favourite features of my wife are due to the fact that she is Turkish. That's why I love the Turks so much."

Robbie called his wife on the phone while singing the song and made her listen to the song live.

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