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NEWS Reports say British tourists could start holidaying in Turkey by mid July 2020

6 Jun 2020

Following the control of coronavirus in several countries to include Turkey, tourists have been looking forward to flying over to this country for an enjoyable holiday as always. However programs to get back to new normal are developing gradually and many aspects are still observed to be grey.

Brits are no doubt among the top important tourist groups for Turkey and in fact they have been waiting for the good news to be announced by this country and UK government as to when they could get on with their holidays in this country.

The good news came from Turkey's Transportation Minister Adil KARAISMAILOGLU who said his country planned to resume flights to about 40 countries in June, adding Turkey had already reached a preliminary agreement with 15 countries, in this direction. This probably means Brits might start spending their holidays in Turkey by mid-July.

Based on discussions reported, it is understood that sector officials in Turkey expect that “air-bridge” deals are concluded for popular destinations where Brits mostly prefer for their holidays in the summer holiday season. Technically the expression air-bridge refers to the situation where an agreement between UK and another country that allows people to travel freely between the two countries without quarantine when they arrive – which is what travelers would love to be offered. Thus, it would save tourists and returning Brits from having to isolate for 14 days when they enter UK.

Within this framework, Turkey's Transportation Minister said his country planned to continue to fly to about 40 countries in June and added that Turkey had reached preliminary agreements with 15 countries for air travel, mutually. Turkey is aware of the importance of British tourists as statistics show 2.6 million British holidaymakers were hosted in this country last year, bringing in a considerable amount of foreign revenue. Therefore it is reported both countries are willing to close a deal which is likely to be concluded soon with the target date of July 15 when holidaymakers could start their holidays in Turkey.

Nevertheless it is also reported that both sides will take into consideration the latest coronavirus infection rate, before reaching the final decision.

It is circulated on media that government ministers were given a list of 45 countries to prioritize travel between. Said list was agreed by airlines such as easyJet, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. Turkey has certainly pound a place on said list together with other prominent destinations such as Spain, Greece, Mexico and the United States.

Top holiday spots Spain, Greece and the United States all feature on the list, along with Turkey and Mexico. Turkey largely sealed off its borders as part of measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak. Domestic flights resumed on Monday to some provinces as Ankara eased restrictions after a significant drop in infection rates.

Karaismailoglu said flights would resume in five stages in June, adding Turkey was in talks with 92 countries on resuming flights in a safe manner. "We believe that we have left behind an important point in the battle against the virus globally. Now, we have to continue our global ties and trade," he said in a written statement. Flights to Northern Cyprus, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Qatar and Greece will resume on June 10, he said. Flights to 17 destinations, including Germany, Austria, Croatia, and Singapore will restart on June 15. The 15 countries with which Ankara has reached a preliminary agreement to resume reciprocal flights include Italy, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Albania, Belarus, Jordan and Morocco. Germany said on Wednesday it was talking to Ankara about reviewing travel restrictions but was awaiting a recommendation from the European Union.

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