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NEWS Reports show foreign tourists will flock to Antalya this summer

1 Apr 2018

Antalya is no doubt the heart of the Turkish tourism industry thanks to its unparalleled location on the Mediterranean coast and beautiful climate. It seems there will be a flock of foreigners to Antalya this summer as it seems to have started 2018 tourism season, very well. The increase in the number of tourists in the first quarter of the year has already exceeded 30 percent. Also an increase of 55 percent is observed in house sales figures to foreigners, in Antalya.

Regarding this favorable development ATSO (Antalya Chamber of Industry & Trade) President Davut CETIN said, "If it continues like this, we will break an all-time record in tourism”. The president also added that house sales in February Antalya displayed a better performance than Turkey’s average.

He said that the number of houses sold to foreigners kept increasing as well and added that an increase of 55 percent in house sales to foreigners was observed in Antalya while this figure was only 28 percent in Istanbul (and Turkey).

The President did not fail to emphasize that despite structural problems, Antalya had made a top-notch start for the new tourism season adding "The increase in the number of tourists in the first three months of the year is over 30 percent, and we will break an all-time record if this continues”.

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