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NEWS Reports show Turkey as most favorable destination for British tourists in 2018 holiday season

11 Feb 2018

Following the crisis Turkey incurred in tourism mainly due to the conflict with Russia, the sector showed great performance and managed to come back even stronger in a very short period. According to official figures, Turkey's tourism revenues in 2017 reached 26.3 billion dollars with 38 million foreigners visiting the country. Russian tourists coming back to Turkey happened to be the major contribution to this success.

Russian tourists are not the only group tough favoring Turkey as their first holiday destination. British tourists are also very much interested in spending holidays in this beautiful country with hospitable people. Based on a survey by professionals in the sector it was observed that Turkey was about to become one of the top destinations for British tourists.

Figures show Spain, which is the largest destination for British Tourism Agencies, is still an attractive holiday destination for Brits. However records also say Turkey is running for the most preferred destination place, among travelers from same country, for 2018. On the other hand increased hotel costs in Spain have a negative effect on Tourism Agencies and leave them with lower profit margins which they eventually have to reflect to holidaymakers as higher prices.

Thus this important challenge has obliged the agencies to work out solutions such as trying to direct a substantial part of the business to countries such as Turkey and Egypt with higher margin. This together with the rising popularity of Turkey among Brits has helped this country to stand out as top holiday destination among Brits for 2018.

Having said this we need to remind at this point that Turkey has been receiving a lot of British tourists for many years now with quite a number of such families deciding to buy a house in this country to use as a second home. Thus, British colonies have been formed in regions such as Fethiye, Kalkan, Kaş, Bodrum and Antalya with thousands of British citizens having settled down at these places.

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