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NEWS Russian national team football director Cherchesov praises Antalya and Turkish football

7 Feb 2021

Russian national team director Stanislav Cherchesov, who followed the preparations of the Russian Football teams camped in Antalya, held a press conference at the Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort Spa in Belek.

Cherchesov said that he had special memories in Turkey, adding: "I played my first match for the national team here in 2016. Turkey has a special place for me. My first match in the national team against Fatih Terim, who we know as “the emperor”, ended 0-0. We couldn't beat our opponents, but the match went very well. Turkey has a special place in my heart because we started the World Cup preparations here," he said.

Stanislav Cherchesov who shared they often came to Antalya training camps when managing football teams, said that they would go to Sochi for the national team camp program. He mentioned they were very happy with the service offered to them in Turkey and Belek in past visits and camps, adding: "If the plan changes in the preparation camps of the national team, the first place we will apply will be Belek, Antalya. We've had camps in Dubai and Spain. We have a team coming to Cornelia. Every team has its own choice, but my heart has always been here. For me, it is important to get together with a lot of teams, young players, teachers and exchange ideas before the audition. Belek is my preparation area. It's an important place where I make all my observations in one week”.

The director also emphasized that the Russian league had overcome many obstacles in the pandemic process and the teams had entered the recovery process adding, "Matches are played with 50 percent of the audience. Regarding our national team, I would recommend that people look at us seriously and with a different eye. Our first goal was to participate in the European Championship. When we look at the ranking, we have reached the top position in international league points. We have guaranteed participation in the championship. After that, it is important for us to improve performance. We will fight well in the championship”.

Cherchesov noted that he was opponent with Senol Güneş, Lucescu and Fatih Terim  in different matches in the past and said that Turkish football had developed rapidly in recent years. Stanislav Cherchesov also reminded that the number of Turkish footballers playing in European teams was increasing. Regarding this point he said: "Turks are also happy to play in Europe. The worst thing we see in Turkish football is that there are no spectators. I can't think of Turkish football without an audience. The lack of an audience makes us sad".

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