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NEWS Russian tourists prefer Turkey in last quarter 2017

14 Oct 2017

Russian Tour Operators Association (ATOR) announced that the number one holiday destination Russian citizens would prefer during the October-December (2017) period would be Turkey, again. After the long crisis with Russia due to downing of a Russian jet quite a while ago and the rapprochement between the two countries late, Turkey started to enjoy arrivals by Russian tourists again and it goes without saying this has contributed to its budget deficit in a substantial positive manner.

The good news for Turkey is it is reported that big numbers of Russian tourists will continue to come to Turkey in the coming period as well. In a statement made by the Russian Tour Operators Association (ATOR), it was stated that many Russian tourists were planning to use their choices for a holiday destination in favor of Turkey, in the last quarter of the current year.

In a piece of news circulated by Sputnik, it was pointed out that the interest of Russian tourists in Antalya region in specific, continued and factors such as discounted prices as compared to high season prices and the convenience of the climate played an important role in this situation.

In January-August this year, the country that sent highest number of tourists to Turkey was Russia with 3 million 333 thousand 476 people.

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