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NEWS Saroz harbour - New destination for Arab investors

9 Jun 2017

New trend of middle eastern investors would like to use SAROZ as a harbour where they can park their yachts in winter and which they can open to world countries in summer.

Edirne Governor Günay Ozdemir said that the Arabs had determined where to invest in the region and that he believed their work would yield positive results. "We have fishing ports in Enez with infrastructure good enough to serve as yacht harbours in Enez." The Arab Tourism Organisation (ATO) began to work to invest in Edirne's historical and tourist district of Enez, along the Saros Gulf.

Chairman of ATO Banadar Bin Fahad Al Fuhaid and his delegation came to Edirne on May 10 to work in the field of tourism on the recommendation of Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. The guest delegation that participated in a meeting with Edirne Governor Günay Özdemir, Mayor Recep Gürkan, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Recep Zıpkınkurt, worked to explore Enez, Edirne's tourist town near the Saros Gulf.

Recently various middle eastern investors who examined ENEZ port on Saroz coast, one of the cleanest bays in the world and about 10 miles to the city of Dedeagac with an airport in Greece got into action to build a marina for their yachts. It is reported that they would like to use it for their yachts in winter and open it to other yachts from world countries in the summer months.

Chairman of ATO Banadar Bin Fahad Al Fuhaid stated that 3.5 million tourists came to Turkey last year and 2 million Turkish tourists visited Arab countries last year. "It is a known thing that tourists of the Turkish-Arab world are seen as the tourists who spend the most money. It is necessary to draw attention to the fact that we see mutual investments between Turkish and Arab investors are increasing. We see that the Arab world now has a large volume of investments in Turkey. A joint working group was formed within the meeting. This team will serve both Edirne and Turkey tourism. We made a deal with Edirne Governor. We had an interview about how marketing and promotional activities would take place ".

Edirne Governor Gunay Ozdemir said the members of the ATÖ were conducting examinations in Enez District and the port and that their studies were continuing. Governor Özdemir expressed that Edirne was an important city in terms of history and tourism and said: "Edirne has a coastline on the sea and we are trying to explain how important “the sea tourism” is. We worked together with delegation from the Arab Tourism Organisation for 3 days after which the assistant general secretary stayed here to prepare a report.

They have done a good work on the issue, and their reports have not been released yet but we know they are very satisfied with the area. We know they will prefer that region. Because we have fishermen's shelters in Enez, there is an infrastructure suitable for a yacht harbour. Sea is one of the most important places in the world with its beautiful surroundings and sea beauty Saroz our beautiful gulf. We are now trying to explain this, especially to tourists in the Arab world. The Arab Tourism Organisation is working here. We believe that this will give positive results. We will make it possible for the Arabs to live together with the people of the region without breaking the environment there."

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