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NEWS Snowfall helps to fill dams in mega town Istanbul, eliminating danger of drought

28 Jan 2021

As temperatures kept dropping in and around Istanbul, Heavy Snowfall continued to be effective during the night hours. According to weather forecasts from Meteorology Istanbul may continue to see more snow.

Effective rain and snowfall has been continuing to fill the dams In Istanbul which has faced the danger of thirst with the dry past of recent months. Rain and snowfall seen in the mega town which has experienced the lowest dam fill rates in 10 years, has reflected to recorded data of ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration) in a positive manner. In the last few days, effective snowfall in the city has also increased the water level in the dams. Fill rate has risen above the 30 percent level again, months later. According to ISKI data, the dam occupancy rate has increased by 10.32 to 29.48 percent as of today.

The Istanbul Water Sewerage Administration (ISKI) has issued a written statement warning citizens of the danger of freezing water-meters and installations due to the cold air wave that is effective in Istanbul.

Statement issued by ISKI said: "Due to the cold air wave that is effective in Istanbul, water meters and installations may be in danger of freezing. Some measures should be taken to prevent failures that may arise from freezing in plumbing and meters. Open water pipes should be closed so that they do not come into contact with cold air and insulated with insulation material. If the meters are exposed, they should be kept strictly and protected with cold-proof insulation materials."


The snowfall certainly gave a required boost to the mega-town of Istanbul with a population of almost 16 million. The city had been suffering from a lack of precipitation this winter, until said snowfall started.

On the other hand, the snowfall was also welcome by millions who had to stay home during the curfew hours due to pandemic and many citizens enjoyed for watching snowflakes falling on their windows. This is not to forget that the impact of the snowfall is always observed during rush hours though, as traffic comes to a halt in the city before returning to normal hours later.


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