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NEWS Strategic discovery to trigger Turkey’s economy: Rare Earth Element reserve found in Eskisehir

14 Jul 2022

According to the latest news, the world's second-largest Rare Earth Element (REE) reserve has been discovered in the Beylikova district of Eskişehir. The fund, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced as good news, caused great joy among the region's people. Rare earth elements are used in more than 20 fields, ranging from fiber optics to satellite communications, intelligent missiles to fuel cells, medical imaging to energy storage systems, and electric cars.

The strategic expedition that will boost Turkey’s economy:

In Eskişehir Beylikova, a reserve of rare earth elements was found shortly called REE and used in producing high-tech products. The account is said to be the second largest in the world. China has reserves of 800 million tons, while 694 million tons of rare earth elements were discovered in Beylikova. First, 1200 tons of ore will be processed annually at the pilot plant at the Beylikova Facilities General Directorate of Eti Mining Enterprises. Then, with the investment of a large industrial facility, 570 thousand tons of ore will be processed annually. This processed ore will produce ten thousand tons of rare earth oxide, 72 thousand tons of barite, 70 thousand tons of fluorite, and 250 tons of thorium.

This discovery is considered of utmost importance for Turkey’s economy, which has seen considerable growth for quite a while despite the turmoil the world has been going through after the start of the epidemic. As known to all, Turkey is one of the region's most powerful countries in many areas, including technology and industry. Therefore, the discovery is expected to contribute to the country’s strength in such sectors in particular.

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