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NEWS The number of tourists visiting Antalya by end August this year exceeds total in 2016

16 Sep 2017

It is reported that Turkey will need to switch the potential demand in the German market to positive again and pull its prices down to sustainable level in 2018. 

Looking at the airport entry data in August, the number of arrivals from Russia, one of our main markets has exceeded 2014, our best year and increased by 6 percent compared to said term. However German market which is another major source of incoming tourists has decreased by 7 percent as compared to 2016. 

The situation with Germany negatively affects the improvement of Antalya as compared to past years.  The major contribution to the growth in the Russian market again has been due to the efforts of the accommodation group which has provided substantial cut downs in room prices, mainly thus catching the former demand structure of the market.

Generally speaking, in August only, the number of tourists coming from Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Iran, Albania, Lithuania, Kosovo, Jordan and Iraq has exceeded 2014. On top of this the UK market increased by 13 percent in July.

However, the decline in the markets of Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Austria is continuing like with past months. The decline in these markets affects the growth momentum of other markets, negatively.

To recap, the number of foreign tourists arriving in Antalya in August this year has increased by 73 percent as compared to 2016 and the authorities are doing whatever is applicable to gain back the losses incurred due to some crisis, recently.


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