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NEWS The secret of tools of Siberian origin in Göbeklitepe, Turkey

1 Jul 2022

Central Asian archaeological research specialist Prof. Dr. Semih GUNERI stated that traces of stone tools and technology used in Siberia had been found in Göbeklitepe. He said, “This technology has obviously been moved about 7 thousand kilometers from east to west.”

Prof. GUNERI, retired from the Center for Archaeological Research of the Caucasus and Central Asia in 9 EYLUL University (DEU noted that there was a migration that emerged from Siberia 30 thousand years ago and spread to all of Asia, and then to Eastern and Northern Europe, and expressed that they were tracking these migrations through archaeological documents. Stressing that the most important branch of migration extends to the Near East, Prof. Dr. Guneri noted following as well.


“The relations of the Göbeklitepe high culture with the carriers of Siberian printing micro-lingual stone tool technology are no longer a secret. The results of genetic analyzes of the Zagros region also confirm the traces of Siberian / North Asian indigenous peoples in the region who reached the Zagros through the Central Asian mountainous corridor and met and fused with the Göbeklitepe culture through Northern Iraq. The Siberian-Near Eastern Upper Paleolithic migrations are a process confirmed by material culture documents.

The stone tool production technology that we are talking about has obviously been moved from east to west for about 7 thousand kilometers. It is not clear whether this technology is transmitted directly to long distances by the earliest Turkic-speaking peoples or travels a long distance by moving via intermediate stations. But still, judging by archaeological documents, we know that Siberian peoples reached the Zagros region. There seem to have been relations between Siberian hunter/gatherers and indigenous Zagros hunter-gatherers. The results of genetic research also show that Siberian peoples have already reached as far as the Zagros.”


Prof. GUNERI’s statement also raised a new question. Was this technology transfer from Siberia to Göbeklitepe caused by a manned migration and were there Turks in them?

Regarding the issue, Prof. Dr. Osman Karatay (Aegean University) says: “There have been migrations of Turkish tribes from the South Siberian belt towards Europe in three waves. The third wave is between 2600-2400 BC. Most of them were assimilated. The majority of the last wave joined the Germanic tribes. That is why there is a genetic kinship between the Germanic tribes and the Turks. We also know that a technology migration or tool transfer from Siberia was headed for the Göbeklitepe region. There are findings. But we don't know yet whether people came or, even if there were those who came whether they were Turks or not. Already 12 thousand years ago, there would not be a ‘Turk’ in the sense that we know today. But there may be tribes that we can call our ’common ancestors'.”

“Speaking of thousands of years ago, it is impossible to identify and classify nations in the current sense at that time, especially for 30 thousand years ago. It is hardly possible to determine who came where in the migrations considered to have been made thousands of years ago from Siberia.”

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