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NEWS The secrets of successful shopping in a Turkish district bazaar

17 Oct 2020

Although the number of Super Markets is increasing every day, the function of district markets established between the neighborhoods is quite important. Thanks to freshness of products offered to shoppers as well as its contribution to the home economy, “bazaar shopping” is still a habit that many people can't give up. Shopping at the district bazaars which are established on the same day every week and offer fresh fruit and vegetables, also has some secrets that will bring you benefits.

Prepare your shopping list in advance

Leave home by writing down your needs on a piece of paper to avoid food waste and unnecessary spending and make a purchase that is exactly what you need. Otherwise, you can fill your bags with products that you find very affordable or that look beautiful to your eyes at that moment, but you can't consume. This, in turn, can cause you to exceed the budget you set for shopping. Another way to avoid unnecessary spending is to take with you only as much cash as you plan to spend.

Set the shopping time well

In each district bazaar, sellers try to sell the remaining products with the chants “evening market, we are closing” etc. For this reason, prices are slightly lower in the evening. For an affordable shopping, you can match your bazaar visit to the evening hours. But it can be a little difficult to find fresh fruits and vegetables in the evening, as the better and fresher products may have been exhausted early.

Check the market from start to finish

The main purpose of bazaar shopping is to get fresh products at an affordable price. Take a tour of the market from start to finish before you start shopping to see the new products coming to the stalls according to the season and also check the prices. So you can determine where the products are fresher, where the prices are appropriate. You can start shopping by identifying the best stalls with a quick tour.

Test the freshness of products

Detecting fresh products can be considered the most vital point of Sunday shopping. So, how do you know the best of vegetables and fruits? For example, if fresh beans break when you bend, take them, if they fold, leave them. Choose broccoli if it's hard and green. The eggplant is fresh if it is taut and shiny and the stem is stiff. Eggplant has fewer seeds in the long ones. If the root of spinach is red and the leaves are short, you could buy them. By learning such tips, you can always make fresh and delicious choices.

Being a regular customer may bring you advantage

Shopping from people you know and trust that is being a regular of a seller at the bazaar is advantageous in every sense. Sellers who know you and offer the freshest of products for you make your Sunday shopping easier. When buying a product from a seller that you look at face-to-face every week and have been shopping for years, you can negotiate for instance.

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