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NEWS The Turkish Red Crescent celebrates its 153rd anniversary of establishment

15 Jun 2021

The Red Crescent which is among the world's reputable humanitarian organizations and the most powerful one in the region is celebrating its 153rd anniversary. Dr. Kerem KINIK, chairman of the Red Crescent said "the Red Crescent is a charity movement that has been growing for 153 years. This movement, growing with the water given by millions of volunteers throughout history will continue to ease human suffering with the modern systems it has established today, as long as there is “goodness” in the world.”

The Turkish Red Crescent which was founded by a group of doctors on June 11, 1868 as the “Ottoman society for the aid of wounded and sick soldiers” and named the “Turkish Red Crescent Society” in 1935, celebrates its 153rd anniversary. A message was issued to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Red Crescent. The chairman said, "the Red Crescent is a charity movement that has been growing for 153 years. It was founded by a volunteer group of “good” people and owes its existence for 1.5 centuries to the support of volunteering “good” people. As long as there is good on Earth, the flag of this institution will fly wherever there is need.”

Reminding that the Red Crescent was established with the aim of helping Turkish soldiers, Dr. Kerem KINIK said, "the Red Crescent has come to the aid of wounded and sick soldiers on the battlefield through hospitals, patient transport services, hospital ships that it has equipped, nurses and volunteer caregivers that it has trained in all the wars that Turkey has been a party to, from the Ottoman-Russian war to the Cyprus Peace Operation.

The Red Crescent, which provides the care, settlement and nutrition of the needy in all natural disasters occurring in our country since the great cholera epidemic in Istanbul, has also provided support to those affected by the corona virus epidemic.

“The Red Crescent also considered the treacherous July 15 attempt as a ‘humanitarian disaster’ and put all its strength to support its nation.”

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